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Is it Scozia (article namn) or Scòssia (in the article)? --2A02:908:C30:3680:19E:28D8:822C:24D6 14:36, 25 Mrz 2017 (CET)

[@ 2A02:908:C30:3680:19E:28D8:822C:24D6, 2A02:908:C30:3680:19E:28D8:822C:24D6] hi, Lombard has not a unified writing system, so the title is in Classical Milanese Ortography, and the page in Insubric ortography. I've modified the page to make in Milanese. --Sciking (dìmm tuscòss) 14:49, 25 Mrz 2017 (CET)