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Benvegnüü in sü la Wikipedia[modifica 'l sorgent]

Benvegnüü in sü la Wikipedia, l'enciclupedia libra che tücc i pòden jüdà a scriv. -- Dragonòt 15:27, 27 Mrz 2011 (UTC)

Re: Overrides[modifica 'l sorgent]

Perfect. Let me know if you prefer Italian or English for the next messages :)

I'm starting looking at them, but I found some pages I can't delete. Do you know why? --Sciking (dìmm tuscòss) 16:26, 30 Mag 2021 (CEST)[rispond]

@Sciking, which ones? Amir E. Aharoni (ciciarade) 17:33, 30 Mag 2021 (CEST)[rispond]
I'm working on it! I'll write to you the ones that are protected while I find them :) --Sciking (dìmm tuscòss) 20:28, 2 Sgiu 2021 (CEST)[rispond]
OK :) Amir E. Aharoni (ciciarade) 20:56, 2 Sgiu 2021 (CEST)[rispond]

Re: Namespaces[modifica 'l sorgent]

Hi, since I am not an admin of wikipedia but just of the wiktionary, I just answer you about that. For wikipedia the admin [@ sciking] will be able to tell you more.

1. No page of the wiktionary has old namespaces.

2. The correct names of the namespaces in the New Ortography are "Portal" and "Ciciarada Portal"; the other ones just need to be kept as aliases. However, the wiktionary does not need this namespace because the only portal is the community portal and (no other portal will be needed) and its namespace is Wikizzionari (ie: Wiktionary) as well as in other wiktionaries. Using the same ortography also "Discussion Portal" is good for "Ciciarada portal" as in lombard language "discussion" and "ciciarada" are almost synonymous, anyway "ciciarada" is preferred for all the talk namespaces.

3. For the module namespaces "Modul" (but without the accent above the "o") and "Ciciarada_Modul" are good names; moreover "Modol" and "Modulo" can used as aliases. Module for now is not used in the wiktionary but it could be useful.

4. For "gadget" and "Gadget talk" you can use "Acessori" and " Ciciarada_Acessori" --Gat lombart (ciciarade) 15:55, 20 Oto 2021 (CEST)[rispond]

[@ Amire80] Do you have some news? The wiktionary has been opened and currently the namespace "Module" is "Mòdul" instead of "Modul". Is it possible to fix it?--Gat lombart (ciciarade) 10:30, 2 Nov 2021 (CET)[rispond]

@Gat lombart, I haven't yet updated it for modules and gadgets. I'll do it soon. Amir E. Aharoni (ciciarade) 11:17, 2 Nov 2021 (CET)[rispond]