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Liv and Maddie[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

Could this page be restored and expanded? They wrote more in eml Wikipedia based on the Italian page (it:Liv e Maddie). In eml Wikipedia the page exists with the same title as in it Wikipedia. Could a translation based on either page be made? Another Disney TV series with a short article in this Wikipedia would be Doc McStuffins. 22:56, 20 Feb 2017 (CET)

You, bureaucrat[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

Ciao, mi daria el roeul de autoverificaa a Glz19, l'è affidabil... --Sciking (dìmm tuscòss) 21:55, 20 Avr 2017 (CEST)

Dialett separaa[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

Ciao. Hoo vist che t'heet faa on gran mestee cont i dialett. Ma te domandi: Quant hinn de bon dialett che meriten ona vos? Riesset a rilegg i tò vos inscì quand che l'è sensaa a femm ona vos unega? --Sciking (dìmm tuscòss) 14:44, 26 Agu 2017 (CEST)