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Benvegnüü in sü la Wikipedia[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

Benvegnüü in sü la Wikipedia, l'enciclupedia libra che tücc i pòden jüdà a scriv. --Dragonòt 08:16, 10 Giü 2010 (UTC)

Template[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

Fíjate que lo he traducido en Lombardo Oriental, si lo deseas también en Lombardo Occidental mejor sigas esperando una respuesta por parte del Dakrismeno, o que se lo preguntes al usuario Insübrich. Ambos son presentes de forma discontinua en este periodo pero apenas lean tu mensaje estoy seguro que te van a ayudar.

Cordiales saludos

Template LOCC[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

Tel chì el template in LOCC

--Insübrich 11:27, 15 Giü 2010 (UTC)

messagg[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

sorry if I didn't reply to your message, but I noticed that insübrich had taken care of your request. All the best, --Dakrismenocià ciciaróm un cicinín 13:45, 15 Giü 2010 (UTC)

Your message[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

Hi, there are some errors in your message:

  • sta cercando di diventare un Chapter
  • nella tua pagina utente
  • Ti auguro una buona estate

--Grifter72 10:51, 16 Giü 2010 (UTC)

Va ben[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

Va ben, gionti la plantilla (in lombard l'em ciamada model). Hoo anca daa el me suport [[1]]. Bon dì :)--Insübrich 11:10, 16 Giü 2010 (UTC)

E va bun[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

Ghe metaruu anca mi la plantilla. Ociu però che in de la bela lengua del Dante, a l'è "sostegno" (e pövess anca "supporto" al didincö) e minga "sopporto", e "ti auguro", minga "ti desidero". Sopportare = tulerà. Un salüd, I'll put the plantilla in my profile, as well. Careful, though, that in Italian, you say "sostegno" (and maybe even "supporto", this day and age), not "sopporto", and "ti auguro", not "ti desidero". Sopportare = tolerate. Kind regards, --Mondschein 19:28, 16 Giü 2010 (UTC) PS De mi l'istaa l'è mingamò 'gnüda giá che gh'em 4-5 grad a la matina. In my neck of the woods we haven't really gotten any "summer days", yet, given that in the morning we still have 4-5 degrees.

L'ó facc - Fatto - Done[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

ho inserito il template e firmato nella pagina

--Aldedogn 10:05, 17 Giü 2010 (UTC)

Chapters[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

You seem to have understood our question, as a matter of fact: kudos to you for your knowledge of Lumbard. So, if I understand correctly, at the moment every wikipedia representing a nation, has the opportunity of becoming a "chapter" of the Wikipedia foundation, correct? Wikipedias which do not represent a nation are not allowed to become chapters, correct? Regards, --Mondschein 19:55, 17 Giü 2010 (UTC)

Well, I wouldn't say the name "nation" because it has a very distinct acception according to the history and diverse things. For instance Catalan and Basque will define themselves as a nation while in France there will say there's only one nation: the French, in the UK there are four distinct nations/nationalities. What's currently going on is you are, theoretically granted a Chapter if you have a state (let's say the Italian state, the Spanish state and even the United Kingdom though there the question raised whether to have subchapters for the Scottish, the Welsh or the Irish) but actually they do a little bit as they wish (that's why we can play on this) because they made some clear exceptions: one of the chapters is New York City (well, it's just a city, not a state and not the USA) and the other is pretty similar and is Hong Kong. They try to evade these exceptions saying that Chapters on very big territories could hardly work so that's why they created some smaller entities... but this obviously isn't a good answer. You see many of the stateless languages (not just the usual "small" languages we usually think of but also languages like Esperanto or Romani) striving to make their language known, their culture and traditions visible will be kept in the shadows of the Chapters. After I made my moves, an Esperantist guy wrote to the Chapters [2] and had an interesting answer that is "we will grant an Esperantist association some status so you won't be mad at us" (and what they don't say is this way you won't help the Catalan or any possible other claim and the Chapters won't have any problems, disunion is their only solution!). I was comparing this to another Esperantist who wanted to know more that it would be like giving you a dog (saying it's a real nice dog, it can keep the sheep, watch your house and guide the blind) when the others go around running with their horses... I hope I answered most of your worries, the fact is that you may not need a superstructure now but if you succeed gaining more contributors and wish to work on projects and so on, the door will surely be closed then. If the Catalan succeed (on the language criterium because another solution would be the officiality of the language in Andorra which would be the worse solution for us all), the door will be open to every and each Wikipedia according to their work and not their official status. Take care and keep on striving for your language and traditions! See you soon, feel free to contact me for translation, help or anything (some work on robots and translating things which might prove useful for you), I'll be glad to answer. Good night (I really need to know some basic phrases!!!) Capsot 20:26, 17 Giü 2010 (UTC)

I am sorry, what did you do again?[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

I am sorry but I did not quite understand what you wrote in your last message. I changed the English part and the lmo part in my banner: I hope that is ok (the English part came acros as rude and the lmo part needed improvement). Te salüdi, --Mondschein 19:51, 24 Giü 2010 (UTC) PS Buona notte a te, io faccio pausa pranzo

Achal Prabhala[mudìfica 'l sorgènt]

Bona traducció --Grifter72 09:29, 26 Nuv 2011 (CET)